Welcome to the Newcastle Gnosis Centre




The Newcastle Gnosis Centre has been happily serving the people of the Hunter Valley since 2010 providing them with mystical, psychological, spiritual and philosophical teachings for the nourishment of the soul.

We give the necessary keys to empower every student to reach their full potential. Our goal for every student is happiness and the the awakening of consciousness. Each lecture, meditation, esoteric practice and spiritual retreat allows the student an opportunity to work on their inner journey to their own Divinity.

As Gnostic Instructors, we work with our students to give the best environment  so they may receive the knowledge. There is always an open invitation for those students who want to take that leap of faith.



Our mind is working constantly working all day and night. Unlike the physical body, during sleep our mind does not find rest. Meditation gives the mind a chance to relax the mind and find some tranquility and silence. It also gives us a chance to comprehend the nature of our mind, to find any problems and reflect upon and eliminate them. That is why meditation is considered the science of the mind. Through meditation, we find happiness, serenity and ultimately samadhi.


Today, yoga is seen as a way to perfect the physical body with many postures that are perfected with increased difficulty. The original goal of yoga was to reunite with your inner Divinity. The word yoga derives from the Sanskrit word yuj meaning to join, to unite, to reunite. Gnosis teaches the way of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, that there are eight limbs of yoga with each limb being unique but of equal significance and importance. Each limb must be studied and practiced in a rigorous way to reach the reuniting with the Being.



Like meditation, mindfulness is a very powerful tool for the mind. Most of the time, our attention is based purely on physical events. We ignore that each physical event is accompanied internally by a psychological state or as we call it in Gnosis, a state of consciousness. The aim of mindfulness is to pay attention to the mind in all moments of life to see, comprehend and stop harmful states of consciousness such as anger, fear and depression expressing themselves to the detriment of ourselves and others.


The hour has arrived to

abandon theories and go

directly to what is practical




The Newcastle Gnosis Centre provides many courses for the student who seeks the knowledge of the Eternal. We teach that the esoteric or hidden knowledge of Gnosis that many people seek is not hidden by other people but within ourselves. In order to know the Mysteries of the Cosmos, you must find them within. As the Oracle of Delphi states:

I advise you, whoever you are, Oh you! who wish to explore the mysteries of nature, if you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither shall you find it outside. If you ignore the excellencies of your own house, how do you intend to find excellence elsewhere? Within you is hidden the treasure of treasures. Oh, man, know yourself and you shall know the Universe and the Gods!

Each student will start with the Introductory Course where we give teachings they are able to put into practice to receive comprehensions and direct experiences.

With Gnosis, the quest for knowledge is only as limited as the student’s will to learn.

The truth is unknowable for moment to moment


If you are interested in attending class or want to know more about Gnosis, meditation,

awakening or the Path, we are happy to start a conversation.