The Gnostic Society Samael Aun Weor was born from the very heart of the international institutions founded by the Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor, as an urgent need to restore in each one of us that initiatic Gnostic spirit that so inspired the first disciples of the Master, and that, albeit for a very justified reason – the dissemination and expansion of the Gnostic message – we felt we were losing.

For this reason, The Gnostic Society Samael Aun Weor was founded in Rome, Italy, on the 14th of October, 1999, with the sincere yearning of reclaiming the initiatic Gnostic spirit, which for our Master Samael was, and is today, the main objective of his mission as Avatar on this planet.

After this necessary consideration and revaluation, which also defined our Gnostic objective, we felt then that we could enter the new 21st century in a completely different manner, for example, with a pyramidal program of Gnostic work, that, passing through The Three Chambers of the Temple and their internal order, indicates to everyone in the Gnostic Society the path to follow towards our objective.

Then by a feeling of esoteric affinity the few of us who began in The Gnostic Society Samael Aun Weor have become many at an international level.

But, when we once again are confronted with this initiatic Gnostic spirit – that which so much love the Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor through his path has bequeath to us – then we are astonished to discover once again that the intimate efforts the few of us were making were not sufficient; that through the merits granted in the Gnostic path by the sacrifice for humanity, it was necessary to bring together collective efforts at a local, national and international level. So, for us, the era of spiritual retreats begins, always centres on our main Gnostic objective. And it is now that we begin to have Gnostic students willing to live the so-called ordeals of the Initiaitic Path. It is for this reason and for this purpose that The Gnostic Society Samael Aun Weor exists today.


If you are interested in attending class or want to know more about Gnosis, meditation,

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