The Courses in Gnosis provide a framework so the student can begin the process of the awakening of consciousness and the self-realisation of the Being.

Each lecture, each meditation and each course is designed to slowly elevate the student’s awareness, bringing them to a deeper understanding of themselves and the power that lay dormant within.

Lectures are provided to give the knowledge of Gnosis so the student can assimilate the different concepts and understandings to the intellect and then by practical application of the keys and tools given, experience these concepts as a living reality.

Two general types of meditations are used in Gnosis: [1] silencing the mind which helps us comprehend the nature of our inner psychology and find ways to remedy the chaotic nature of the mind and [2] using mantras to help vibrate ourselves with the superior aspects of reality and Nature. Essentially, meditation is the science of the mind and its purpose is to provide a space in which the assault of daily life is minimised to more easily investigate within ourselves the secrets of our own Divinity.

Further courses and mystical practices are given to accelerate the esoteric processes of the student and allow them to traverse the path of spiritual enlightenment, unravel all of life’s great Mysteries for themselves and liberate themselves from all suffering.

For this, an environment of harmony is needed and the Newcastle Gnosis Centre is specifically set up for each student to realise their own potential. The instructors are there to guide and help the students in their work to allow them to blossom in accordance to their own capacity.


If you are interested in attending class or want to know more about Gnosis, meditation,

awakening or the Path, we are happy to start a conversation.