The Introductory Course is run over a period of thirty three weeks. The format of the weekly classes comprises of a one hour lecture followed by a short meditation.

Each lecture introduces a specific topic of esoteric knowledge for the student to contemplate and meditate on during the week.

The course is designed to slowly bring the wisdom of Gnosis to the student starting with basic concepts of the world and our place in it, suffering and its causes and the present nature of our interior psychology and builds into more complex and esoteric themes culminating in the comprehension of the esoteric pathway to spiritual enlightenment and specific keys and tools to advance on it.

The Topics of the Introductory Course include:

1. Introduction to Gnosis
2. The Four Ways
3. The Two Lines of Life
4. Need, Greed and Bliss
5. Consciousness, Personality and the Animal Ego
6. The Human Machine & the Pluralized I
7. The Three Brains and How to Solve Problems
8. The Three Minds
9. The Universal Mind
10. The Spatial Sense and the Fourth Dimension
11. The Awakening of Consciousness
12. Learning How to Listen
13. Return, Recurrence and Reincarnation
14. The Laws of Karma and Dharma
15. The Mysteries of Life and Death, Part 1
16. The Mysteries of Life and Death, Part 2

17. Involution, Evolution, Revolution
18. The Seven Rounds and Seven Races
19. The Origin of the I
20. The Lunar Influence
21. The Hidden Face of our Psychological Moon
22. Universal Sound
23. The Seven Cosmos
24. The Tree of Life
25. The Study of the Solar Man
26. The Seven Types of Man
27. Psychic Development
28. Transformation of Impressions
29. Prana, Tattwas and Pranayama
30. Sexual Hydrogen SI-12
31. Astral Travel
32. The New Age of Aquarius
33. The Pancatattwa Ritual


If you are interested in attending class or want to know more about Gnosis, meditation,

awakening or the Path, we are happy to start a conversation.